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I used to own a car stereo store years ago and was in the car stereo industry for more than 25 yrs. We built our speaker boxes out of MDF (medium density fiberboard) I've noticed from what I have found on the internet about guitar and bass boxes that plywood is the material of choice. Is there a reason for that, and what would the diffferance be between a cabinet built out of plywood and one made out of MDF? Would there be a sound differance?


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Hi,there,good question,well first let me say,everyone has their two cents to put
in,so here is mine.
MDF found a huge following in the home
and car stereo market for speaker cabinets,
it was very durable,and machined well with
saws and routers,and it was very.........Heavy.
It found a early following in guitar and bass
cabinets,but consumers complained about
the weight and most mfgs. dropped it from
their lineup.Some other concerns were,MDF is
not as airy as say pine or baltic birch ply,one thing
that was great about MDF,it made great bass cabinets,it just killed standing waves,no unwanted resonances,but a 4x10 or 8x10 was
so heavy,find a old Behringer or Hartke 8x10 and wrestle that around for about ten minutes.
To wrap up,it was mainly sound properties and
weight that kept mfgs away from MDF,hope this

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So I have built with both MDF and Plywood and it depends on what you want. The MDF works great for small (1x10") cabs, or for bass cabs, but it is heavy. You get a very focused sound, and it is really easy to work with (you almost never get a warped piece of MDF). Plywood is lighter and does sound a bit different, but is harder to work with.

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