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Your description of the wiring sounds
correct for most 4x12 cabinets,the wood
you've encountered is probably OSB
oriented strand board,not really a great wood
for acoustic properties,but it is sturdy and
very economical to use.The mighty Marshall
and Ampeg companies have been using it
for years,when the bean counters look at
a company's bottom line,cost will win over
acoustics,just about every time.I play Bass,
and my amp of choice is Ampeg,I use a couple
of SVT 8x10 cabinets and they are made with
OSB,they claim Baltic Birch ply and that is what
the speaker baffle is made of,but the cabs are
the OSB( I can here the Ampeg purist now,"burn
him at the stake,not true,not true") whatever,
I like them,they work great,sound great,and that
is all that counts.Your cabinet will be fine,just
take your time with the cloth,and your re-
assembly and tell everyone,that you did it.
                             Best of Luck
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