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I have just acquired a JCM 900 slant face 4 x 12 (1960A?). 

I need to put on a new grille cloth and want to go with the "large check" type. 

The original cabs of that era did not have the gold or metal plate in the bottom left corner. 

 To make this cabinet look like it is from that era, I'd like to remove this plate. 

Is this doable?  Is there any problem with removing it?  Is it unwise to remove it for any reason?


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You can remove the small logo and holder
and it will not harm your project.
Using a small tipped screwdriver or hobby
knife,put the tip in the corner of the small
black holder,the logo is made of very thin
aluminum and is hot glued into the holder.
Pry up one edge and keep sliding the tip
under the logo it will lift up,as I said the
logo is very thin and will probably bend
as you remove it,once removed from the
little black holder,you will see two flat
head phillips screws,remove these and
the holder comes off the frame,no damage.
You can now install your new grillcloth,and
reinstall the grill in the cabinet,a lot cleaner
and vintage look in my opinion.If you would
like to see what this will look like,go to
members projects under JCM 900 Head and Cab
recover,I put the same grillcloth on some cabinets. Hope this helped,enjoy.......Steve
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