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Hey guys - first time I'm putting together my own 2x10 speaker cab. Not a natural handy man.

So I just got the jack and jack plate. Like such:

Speaker jack and plate.jpg 

Tested it connected to speaker and works great - now to install into the cab.

So do I just take the biggest drill bit I can find to open a huge hole in the back of the cab the size of the indentation there? (Not the 1/4" inner hole but the recessed part surrounding it)... Or do I need to get crazy with a jigzaw?

If I hadn't done a million things like this before that made me feel stupid, only to eventually find an answer and it turned out fine, I'd feel like an idiot - as this seems like a really stupid question - but if anyone's done this and can confirm the best approach before I rip into my cab, that would be appreciated - thanks!


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No way around it -you're going to have to drill a hole in the cabinet to accommodate the jack. I have a set of forstner bits that I use that drill really clean holes, but a regular spade bit (available at just about any hardware store) in an electric drill works pretty good, the hole will be a little rougher using a spade bit, but know one will ever see it ones the plate is installed. You can use either a 7/8" or 1". If you use 7/8" you'll have to use a file or sandpaper to round the edges of the hole a little bit. If you use 1" you'll might still have to round the edges, but 1" puts the screws that hold the plate in place really close to the edge of the hole.
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