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Do you all have an good tip and tricks for cutting circles? In the few I have done, I can never seem to find the exact center of my circle and it comes out a little off. Any other good advice on genral circle cutting on the speaker baffle...


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     Lay your speaker face down on a larger piece of blank paper and then trace around it. Cut this circle out and then fold the circle in half (you'll end up with a half circle). Then fold the circle in half again (you'll now have a quarter circle). Unfold the paper and where the creases intersect will be the exact center of the circle.
     Lay this circle on your baffle and align it where you want the speaker to be. You can then punch a hole in the center of the paper circle and make a mark on the baffle. For multiple speaker setups you may want to cut out a paper circle for each speaker so you can lay them out on the baffle to visualize how the speakers will line up.
     Once you have the center points of the speaker(s) marked, you can use a protractor to draw the circles out.
     You'll want to note that most speaker have about a 1/2" wide rim, the actual speaker cutout will normally be 1" less than the overall diameter of the speaker. For example a 12" speaker will require an 11" cutout. 
     For the actual cutting I use a circle cutting jig on a router, which make a perfect circular cutout. You could also use a circle jig on a jig saw, but this isn't as precise. You could also free hand it with a jig saw, but you'll need a steady hand, and the hole may be a little rough. 
     Hope this helps, -Gary

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Also use this circle jig and a plunge router
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